Case Management Department

Your Advocate

We have a team of experienced case managers (22 years, 11 years, 7 years, and 6 years).
The case managers function similarly to newspaper reporters. They take photographs, interview witnesses, pour over legal documents and medical records, all to write a story by a deadline. They do this day in and day out while caring for clients who they feel responsible for and consider to be friends. Case managers also negotiate cases from the “demand” brochure that they have prepared. In this role, case managers are essentially the opponents of insurance adjusters, with the exception that in addition to investigation, they advocate. Many adjusters would rather work with our case managers than the attorneys because they can be nicer and less intimidating than our attorneys. This oftentimes works to the client’s advantage. For privacy reasons, we do not name our case management department because we know the insurance industry oftentimes deploys surveillance teams.